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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Toy Story Birthday

The Toy Story 3 party finally came and went today and it was such a great time!  The candy buffet set up went really smoothly and Abby and I were invited to attend this super fun and colorful celebration for Evah, the sweetest little birthday girl.  Check out the pics below for all the cheery details.  Enjoy!

The backyard spread.

The birthday girl love, love, loves Jesse from Toy Story, so these sugar cookies are my "tip of the hat" to her.

The aliens have landed and they brought their rocket ship! These space alien cupcakes are a total riot and I couldn't be more pleased with how they turned out.

Butter cream icing

The hostess requested these Mr Potato Head cake pops by Bakerella, which I recreated here. Tons of work, but  a great payoff.
Potato Head detail.

The wildly talented Theresa Willerford from Lollypops and Slingshots, who referred me for this party (thankyouverymuch!), created this fabulous cake for the birthday girl.  How great is Andy's bed surrounded by all of his childhood friends?  I mean I could lay my head on that fluffy pillow right now.   So cute! 

Cake detail.

I individually packaged these gummi green army men and created this display to give them maximum impact on the table.

These Buzz Lightyear lollipops originally came with Toy Story themed Valentines and make perfect mini cupcake toppers. Two treats in one - what a lucky find!

Rainbow gum balls fill containers and bring tons of color and a happy childhood vibe to the table.

Another special request from the hostess, Hamm (aka Evil Dr. Porkchop) cake pops.

Rainbow swirl pops get a big dose of Jesse.

I surprised the hostess with these Mr. Pricklepants cupcakes, which she was super enthusiastic about.  Abby's Peter Pan hat gets some minor (temporary) alterations to stand in as a centerpiece for this cupcake display.


Sugar cookie badges.

To go goody bags

Abby tries a Mini Buzz Cake.

Evah, the birthday girl (left), was such a little sweetheart, and she and Abby got along from the jump.

Toy Story activity books

Paint your own piggy bank station

Oh, yeah.  And did I mention the ponies?!  Abs and Evah loved Dolly the Donkey and Blue the white pony (?). The handlers were great and gave them ride after ride.  Such a great party!  

Love Dolly's Jesse hat!

This smile says it all.


  1. I am throwing a Toy Story party as well, for a three year old. I love the sign that looks like the Toy Story logo saying "Evah's turning 3". How did you make it?

  2. You are literally the perfect mother.


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