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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cookie Mania

You ever get a wild hair up your ass?  Well, last night around 8:30 I did in the form of a cookie.  A sugar cookie to be exact.  I thought I'd just pop a dozen or two in the oven to get some more practice in on my icing skills.  Cut to 3AM and my just finishing up on the last one (and leaving a huge mess to deal with in the morning, sorry Brad!)  I knew I should go to bed, but once I began I just couldn't stop.  I was really getting my decorating groove on, and you don't mess with good mojo.  So below are my all-nighter efforts - with no rhyme or reason to the cookie shapes chosen.  Enjoy!

My fave of the bunch - I so want to do this one using peanut butter dough next time to have Peanut Butter and Jellyfish cookies.


Golden Key

 Rocket Ship

 Red Arrow

 Ruby Slipper

Cinderella Slipper


Marbled Heart

 Wedding Cake

Diamond Ring

 French Flag

 French Poodle

 Fleur de Lis

 Graduation Scroll

 Grad Cap

Tassle detail

Ten Gallon Hat

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