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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Party

So I got roped into cohosting yesterday's Valentine's Day party and I'm so glad I did.   I say "roped" because, although I really wanted to celebrate with the babe and her girlfriends,  I didn't think I'd have the energy or funds to pull something great looking together.  Well, with just $60 and about 24 hours to get it done, this is what I came up with for five little girls on Love Day.  

We had the girls decorate their own jumbo heart-shaped sugar cookies, make Valentines for dad, and toss and sauce their own personal pizzas (hilarious, by the way).  The kids and the moms had an equally fabulous time and I dare say this might be the start of an annual tradition.  Scroll down to see what one sleep deprived mama can whip up on a tight budget when put to the test! 

Mini dessert bar

Cinnamon-vanilla cupcakes

Dressed up brownie bites


Hugs and Kisses sugar cookies

Fabulous pompom and lantern chandelier

Cookie decorating station

Jumbo sugar cookie ready for a sprinklin'.

Sugar cookie place cards

Bracelets and bowls of sprinkles at each place.

Gift from the hubs dresses up the table.

Jumbo pencils and Valentines for the girls.

My absolute favorite part of the day was the pizza portion.  The girls lined up along the kitchen island and worked that dough like no other!  We had pies flying in the air (five second rule totally applied here!) with tons of sauce being spooned and mounds of mozzarella and not-so-strategically placed pepperonis piled on top.  I had a blast just watching the chefs at work, and the pizzas came out hot, bubbling and delicious!

Work that dough!

Samirah getting saucy.

Who's ready to decorate cookies?!

While the pizzas were baking to imperfect perfection, the girls decorated their cookies, resulting in sublime creations covered in mountains of sprinkles.

The artists at work.


After slaving away in the kitchen the girls enjoyed some fresh air playing in the backyard.


Horsing around

Happy Valentine's Day!

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