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Monday, May 30, 2011

Super Hero Goodies

This weekend Oh, Sugar! was hard at work putting together lots and lots of goodies for a super hero birthday for a darling four year old boy named Jett. Jett's mom needed dozens of cupcakes, cookies and a small smash cake. (Little did she know, I had a big surprise for her!) Jett's mom wasn't disappointed, and the goodies were a huge hit! Now go put on a cape and check out the pics of these heroic party treats.  Enjoy!

Cookie platter.

Superman, Batman, Thor, The Hulk and Spiderman

Love Superman's signature spit curl.

Are your Spide-y senses tingling?

Thor's winged helmet detail.

Classic comic book sound effects.

Superman and Captain America symbols.

The birthday boy's name - super hero style.

J = Aquaman

E = Captain America

T = The Hulk and Wonder Woman.

On to the cake!  The order was for a small smash cake, but I'd been wanting to try a cake using my iced sugar cookies, a la One Tough Cookie, whom I adore.  So I made a two tier cake using yellow cake on the bottom with chocolate filling, and rich chocolate cake on top with a fudgy filling, all covered in vanilla butter cream.   Add some strategically placed cookies and voila! I LOVE how it turned out and so did the birthday boy and his mom!  Take a look at the results:

Gotham cityscape candles.


The cupcakes!  Your basic tasty chocolate cuppies with milk chocolate frosting got dressed up with wrappers made from actual comic books.  That was an adventure in itself.  I went to our local comic book shop for supplies and found out that all the stereotypes are true.  Surly, 30-something dweebs with a lot of passive aggressive nerd-rage bubbling at the surface behind the counter offering up some AMAZING (ha) customer service.  It was quite the cultural experience.  I grabbed my comic books and ran home to cut them up, which I'm sure would not fly with the geek squad.

Happy birthday Jett!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

(Kinda) Free Cookie Cutters

So this cookie obsession has me always on line trolling for new cookie cutters to add to my ever growing collection, constantly watching my wish list increase, and rationalizing why someday I will totally need a viking helmet cutter.  And fortunately, unless they're some artisanal copper number, they're super affordable. 

But you know what's even more affordable? Raiding your three year old's toy chest and stealing all of her Play-Doh shape cutters to add to your own collection.  Diabolic?  Maybe. Ingeniously frugal? Absolutely! Check out these pint size cuties.  Enjoy!

The yellow heart (top) is the size of a quarter.

Cookie Quickie: Boy Onesies

The third of three orders for this week!  Whew!  Luckily this was just a quick dozen for a baby shower I actually got to attend this time.  The mom to be is having another sweet baby boy so I whipped up twelve tiny onesies.  I love the onesie design because it's quick but detailed blank canvas that's great for so many different designs.  I really wanted to try a sailor collar on one of these little guys and LOVE the way it turned out.  Check out the details below.  Enjoy!

How cute is this sailor collar?

Practicing my micro script.

Blog Love: Disastrous Jane

Because we are extremely vain, every once in awhile we google ourselves to see if we've been mentioned anywhere in cyberspace.  Today there was a pleasant surprise when I found someone other than myself (via my own self serving blog posts) giving us props.  We found a really rockin' blog called Disastrous Jane that features a little bit of everything - parties, flowers, fashion, style, photography, food and on and on.   See? Sometimes vanity leads to good things, like discovering really cool new blogs.  Check out our sweet write up here then stick around to explore all of her fab posts.  Thanks Disastrous Jane!

Puppy Party Cookies

Order number two out of three for this mega-busy weekend!  Three dozen cookies for an adorable Puppy Party themed birthday for a four year old boy.  I was just going to do a cookie drop off but found these bone shaped dog bowls at the 99 Cent Store (originally bright orange, spray painted white with 99 cent spray paint from Walmart) and couldn't resist.  Filled with floral foam and covered in generic cocoa puffs (also from the Wal) to look like kibble, it made the perfect display container for these puppy pops. All for around $5! Lots of cute doggie details in this set.  Enjoy!

More detail shots: