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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Cookie Apology

So my husband, Mr. Sugar, is filing for divorce. Not really, but I feel like it's a definite possibility. The major source of our marital strife lies in our DVR's tendency to cancel my husband's shows in favor of one of my multiple reality-Housewives/Mafia Wives/Basketball Wives/any Bravo  programming. (Can I help it if the DVR shares my disdain for motocross and my passion for feuding Jersey-ites?)  The last straw was when it erased the season finale of The Office for a repeat episode of Mafia Wives. Not good.  So to make it up to him, I baked this set of Office cookies to say I'm sorry.  The results are in and, luckily, I have been "un-shunned." Check out these babies.  You'll want to put them in your mouth.  That's what she said!  Enjoy!
Now Dwight is nowhere near my fave Office character, but I started to notice as I was brainstorming for ideas that most of my most beloved Office moments involved this beet-farming, mustard-shirt-wearing oddball.  The  Dwight bobbleheads are my absolute favorite of the entire set.
Dwight Bobbleheads!
Suit details.
Dwight's typical work attire.
Love these Office inspired tiles.

Michael Scott's mug.
Dwight's side gig.
Brought to you by NBC.
The prank that won my heart:  stapler in jello.
From the show's intro.
Dunder Mifflin signage.
 The Dundie Award.

Sorry, hon.  The good news is you can catch the season finale on the web!  Xoxo.


  1. We too have had dvr wars in our house. We finally caved in....two DVRs. The downstairs is for sports, american idol and wipeout. The upstairs is bravo, tlc and OWN heaven......
    Just another way to save a marriage....

  2. Thanks for the tip! I'm afraid if we had two I'd never see my husband again :)


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