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Thursday, May 19, 2011

CMA Cookies

I got the call from Sacramento for a set of medical/legal themed cookies for a friend who's starting a job at CMA (California Medical Assoc.) and wanted to bring a platter of goodies to start her first day off making a good impression.  She wanted Lady Justice, the Capitol building, stethoscopes and the company's logo.  No problem!  Take a gander at the results - Enjoy!

I knew I wanted to do a couple of large Lady Justices and the rest of those would be interpreted as scales.  Loving how they turned out and crossing my fingers they make it in one piece as they're shipped off to Sacramento.

Loving the edible 24k highlights.

  Dome of the Sacramento Capitol building.



 Heart detail.

The company's logo was actually more challenging than the Lady Justice design because there was so little to it, so everything had to be precise and exact.  After completing two of them I threw up my hands and just spelled out the company name instead.


  1. These are beautiful! Especially the stethoscope!

  2. Thank you Lizy B! I loved this set too. For me the Lady Justice was a super fun challenge. Glad you like the stethoscopes :)



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