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Sunday, May 22, 2011

(Kinda) Free Cookie Cutters

So this cookie obsession has me always on line trolling for new cookie cutters to add to my ever growing collection, constantly watching my wish list increase, and rationalizing why someday I will totally need a viking helmet cutter.  And fortunately, unless they're some artisanal copper number, they're super affordable. 

But you know what's even more affordable? Raiding your three year old's toy chest and stealing all of her Play-Doh shape cutters to add to your own collection.  Diabolic?  Maybe. Ingeniously frugal? Absolutely! Check out these pint size cuties.  Enjoy!

The yellow heart (top) is the size of a quarter.


  1. so funny! I totally bought a kid's play-doh set JUST to get those mini princess cutters!! (I don't even have kids... at least you have an excuse)

  2. Ha! That *is* funny! I knew I couldn't be the first to have thought of this! I can't wait to make these tiny cookies! Did yours turn out ok?


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