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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Aaaar - Rated Cookies

So I finally got the call for some naughty bachelorette cookies that I knew would come my way one of these days!  The party planner wanted a platter of penis shaped cookies, but gave me the out that if that was too risque for my delicate sensibilities that I could do pirate themed cookies instead. Lightbulb moment!  I asked her if we could combine the two themes and do some pirate penis cookies.  I was envisioning peni with one wooden ball, a gold hoop on this one, an eye patch on that one. Maybe a parrot perched on top of another...  This was either going to be completely awesome or a complete miss.  Take a look at this tribute to the seaman (the only cookie my husband's ever refused to try).  Enjoy!

So where to begin?  The cookie cutters.  I knew I had some stuff on hand that I could possibly use without buying a penis-shaped cutter.

Screwdriver? Possibly.

Skyscraper? Nah. Balls are too square.

Lighthouse on its side? Hmmm...

Bowling pin and ball on its side?  Bingo!

I tried out all my whacked out ideas and found that the kerchief and crossbones were really the best way to go.

Crossbones detail.

The hostess's great tag line.


  1. OK..now i can never look at my bowling pin cookie cutter the same anymore!! LOL!

  2. Faithy! I am a ruiner of many things. My husband now has the same complaint about the Arby's hat ever since I pointed out its phallic shape. Please hold the Horsey Sauce! ;)

  3. You gave my mom, Bernie, and I one hell of a laugh yesterday. She suggested boobie cookies, and I told her the story of how these didn't impress Google. Google is missing out. This is funny stuff!


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