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Monday, June 6, 2011


Rylee is a soccer-loving 6 year old (don't be confused by her jersey number!), and to celebrate her big day her mom ordered three dozen soccer-themed cookies on a stick to share at a really cool indoor soccer facility.  I got all of Rylee's stats, her favorite color, team number, hair and eye color, etc., so we could make them really personal and special for the birthday girl.  She also requested a custom display for them, so I filled these  cheery red tubs with real sod.   (Note to self: grass is moist and will make your cookie sticks a little limp!)  Check out all the details from this sporty cookie collection.  Enjoy!

The birthday girl gets COOKIE-FIED!

Face detail.

Cleats detail.

Love these sunny day soccer field cookies.

The ref!


Rylee's jersey.



As always, the simplest designs are the most challenging.  Getting the geometry on these soccer balls was tough!  And doing it twelve times - oy!  But I finally got the hang of it and they wound up looking more like soccer balls than depressing cubist flowers, so we'll call it a victory.

 Happy Birthday Rylee!

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