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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Making of Miss Scarlett

I received an order for six dozen Gone With The Wind themed cookie favors for a bridal shower (now THAT is a large shower!) and was so excited  to give it a go!  She originally wanted the movie poster and I thought - Oy! Now way can I pull that off.  So I did a little on line research and figured I could pull off Scarlett in her iconic green and white dress.  Here is a behind the scenes on the making of Miss Scarlett. Enjoy!

I start by finding a cookie cutter that will do most of the work.  This random princess will do.  I needed Scarlett to face to the left and my princess was facing to the right.  No problem.  I just cut her out and flipped her over on the cookie sheet.  Then I added a blob of dough to her head to create her oversized hat.  I then trace the baked cookie and make a sketch.

Ain't she a vision?

Sketch detail.

Start with head and arm placement.

Outline hat bow and add sash.

Fill in bow one section at a time.

Add hair.

Outline bow (you can see my "master cookie" 's yellow food coloring outline).

Add hat and outline sash and dress. 

I always chicken out when it comes to detailing faces so I left her blank but gave her a little ear definition.

Fill in dress.

Add floral print with edible pen, outline dress and sleeves.  And fiddle-dee-dee, there she is!

The Gone with the Wind collection.

Novel cookies.

Polka dotted hand fans.

Fan detail.

Love this collection!  Congrats to the bride!


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