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Monday, August 29, 2011

Christmas in August

So it's 85 degrees in late August, and while I should be dreaming up some amazing Halloween or fall designs, I'm procrastinating. By making cookies.  Christmas cookies.  In August.  Makes perfect sense, I know.  My darling mother picked up a set of "A Christmas Story" cookie cutters at the thrift store (which was really a leg lamp (awesome), bunny suit (awesomer), and then a roast turkey, star and house (meh, meh, and meh).  I've been wanting to bust these babies out ever since I received them.  So yes, Virginia, it's way too early, but I don't care.  Check out our Christmas Story themed set of cookies.  Enjoy!

Pink nightmare.

Bunny slipper detail.

A major award.

Fringe detail.

"I can't put my arms down!"

Scarf detail.

"Fra- Jee- Lay.  Must be Italian!"

"You'll shoot your eye out!"

Triple Dog Dare.


Friday, August 26, 2011

Nacho Cookies

Sometimes I surprise myself and actually come up with an original idea :)  I needed some concession style treats for a baseball-themed bar mitzvah that I was putting together a dessert table for when it hit me: NACHOS.  Cheesy gooey nachos with JALAPENOS!  I couldn't be happier with how these turned out and how flippin' easy they were (always a bonus).  Stay tuned for the bar mitzvah post to follow.  Play ball and enjoy!

Jalapeno detail.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Aaar Matey!

It always amazes me.  I get an order for a custom set of cookies and like magic, my blog family of exceptional cookie artists all seem to have gotten word and post about the same theme before I can even begin sketching designs!  

Pirate cookies from the amazing Sugar Belle

It's great and terrible at the same time.  Great because I get to see everyone's take on the subject and terrible because they're so talented it's hard to come up with fresh designs!  Here's my spin on a collection of pirate cookies (half of an order for a set of fraternal twins - here is the companion half).  Enjoy!

Scurvy sea dog.

Gold doubloons.

Pirate ships with wood grain.

Treasure chest.

Treasure map.

Under the Sea Cookies

This was such a fun collection of cookies to work on!  This is the sister set to our pirate collection for a pair of fraternal twins' birthday party.  I modified my original mermaid cookie to give her long flowing locks and a luscious tail.  Pair her up with some starfish, scallop shells and purple sea horses and we had quite an adorable assortment.  Check out the rest of our picks for all the sweet seaside details. Enjoy!

Tail detail.

I love this seahorse's haughty look.

Tail detail.

Sparkly blue scallop shell.

Sweet pink starfish.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blog Love: EventTrender.com

A big thank you to the gals over at EventTrender.com for including our Puppy Party cookies in their post about the Dog Days of Summer.  Click on the link and check out their blog for tons of fun and inspiring party posts.  They rule!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Vintage Pony Party

Wow wow wow.  Our Vintage Pony Party for the three year old daughter of my dear friend Ryam, from The Inspired Mama, was this weekend and it was truly a phenomenal affair!  The gorgeous results of this labor of love were due in large part to the Ryam's incredible vision and tons of DIY projects. (I must have asked her to quit her day job three times and run away to partner up with me!)  And the beauty is in all the pretty eclectic details - lace, doilies, ribbons, wildflowers, and found objects galore. 

Our party site was Irvine Railroad Park and their beautiful red and white pavilions with huge grassy areas and gorgeous shady nooks (not to mention the random wandering peacock who strolled through our site to take a gander) made the ideal backdrop for our  sweet soiree.  Please take your time through these photos to soak up all the tiny details.  Enjoy!

DIY ribbon garland on the split rail fences.

Chandeliers and Burlap. 

Hand cut felt and burlap birthday girl banner.

Shabby chic tablescapes inside the pavilion.

Sweet wildflower centerpieces.

Kids' place settings with lunch snack sacks.

Pony coloring pages with pretty crayon box.

For the babies - a miniature stuffed pony.

Sweets and Favors stations.

Nylah's sweet shoppe.

Ribbons ribbons ribbons.

Shabby wagon holds doily cones of caramel corn.

The birthday girl taking it all in.

And what's a birthday party without a little cake? Welcome to the cake bar. Cakes in jars, cakes on stands, and a miniature birthday cake.  Check out all the variations.

Cake bar.

Rose cake with miniature birthday banner.

Strawberry and cream cheese cake in a jar.

Individual DIY cupcake stands - $2 a piece.

Score of the century!  Ryam wanted to bring in some furniture to set the stage and lo and behold as I'm driving home, what's on the side of the road?  This dilapidated beauty!  Perfect for holding take home party favors.

The famous Ikea frame.

Delightfully crusty drawers hold party favors.

Girls favors: ponies with brushes.

Boys favors: wooden pony puzzles.

The lemonade stand.

The birthday girl enjoys an icy lemonade.

How genius are these Shirley Temples in a jar?

Slightly obsessed.

Potato chip bar.

Stick pony corral.

Old fashioned fun: Bobbing for apples.


Cream soda ring toss.

"Winner's Circle" photo booth.

A picture perfect party!