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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Aaar Matey!

It always amazes me.  I get an order for a custom set of cookies and like magic, my blog family of exceptional cookie artists all seem to have gotten word and post about the same theme before I can even begin sketching designs!  

Pirate cookies from the amazing Sugar Belle

It's great and terrible at the same time.  Great because I get to see everyone's take on the subject and terrible because they're so talented it's hard to come up with fresh designs!  Here's my spin on a collection of pirate cookies (half of an order for a set of fraternal twins - here is the companion half).  Enjoy!

Scurvy sea dog.

Gold doubloons.

Pirate ships with wood grain.

Treasure chest.

Treasure map.


  1. These are absolutely my favorite - but then you have probably seen my comments and I am sure I say that about each one of your collections! Truly I love your work so much! Lorraine

  2. I saw your facebook post, and came to rave and instead I'm almost in tears. good tears. I've had a hellish two weeks. Hell...it means the world that you said that! You also made me smile because I think we all do that. We see the great idea we had another place and think DARN! but in any case, you rocked these!

  3. OMG...I just saw the coins!!!!! LOVE...PS, my OMG, means goodness!

  4. Thank you Lorraine! And thank you Callye. I can't really express how much you've inspired me and influenced my work to push to be more creative and get better with every cookie I decorate. I don't know if you really grasp your influence on all of us novice (and not so novice) cookie artists. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your gifts and knowledge and making the impossible seem a little more possible. xoxo


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