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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Isn't it Ionic, Dontcha Think?

Go Greek!  We certainly did with these Greek-themed cookies.  Our client's husband is, you guessed it, Greek and she's been surprising him with Greek themed birthday treats for the last few years and wanted to up the ante this year with three dozen cookies.  She suggested the flag, a Greek bust and maybe a classic ancient building like the Parthenon (which we put our twist on).  Love how these turned out and so did the birthday boy.  Enjoy!

Greek busts.

Laurel wreath detail.

So our take on the ancient Greek buildings was to focus on the classical architecture that everyone would recognize, the beautiful Greek column capitals.  Done in crisp white against that deep Mediterranean blue, they really pop.

 And, of course, the country's flag.

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  1. A big hello from Greece! You 've done a great job here!


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