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Monday, October 31, 2011

Teeny Tiny Halloweenies

How? How did what started with me volunteering to bake seven (SEVEN) plain sugar cookies for a project at Baby Sugar's preschool Halloween party result in over THREE HUNDRED COOKIES?  I think I have some sort of cookie dismorphic disorder.  It all started out with these plain gigantic pumpkin cookies.  Then I added the facial features so the kids could do a little mix and matcheroo.  Seemed innocent enough...

Then I thought I should make the kiddos in her class a little take home Halloween treat.  Oh, and something for her teacher.  And the teacher's aid.  Oops - don't forget the nice lady who runs the school.  Maybe I'll bake them each a nice spooky cookie.  Nothing crazy. OOOOOR I could bake them each over a dozen mini cookies, package them in small mason jars all tied up pretty with an orange satin bow.  Yeah!  That's what I'll do!  And there you have it.  Take a gander at the madness.  Enjoy!


Happy Halloween!


  1. That was a very cool idea with the giant pumpkin for the kids to decorate. A even better gesture to make cookies for all the other people you made them for!!

    Carsedra of:



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