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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wax Seal Envelope Tutorial

For a Valentine's Day themed birthday party I came up with these simple and pretty valentine envelopes sealed with an edible wax seal.  I had so many inquiries on how to do them I thought I'd put together a quick tutorial.

 Outline a square cookie using a No. 2 tip.

Pipe the envelope flap and corners.

 Flood the side panels and allow to dry.

Next, flood the bottom flap, working the edges to meet up with the dried side sections so they form a nice, clean  seam.  Allow to dry.

Flood the envelope's top flap to meet the side sections in a clean seam, and allow to dry.

Flood a dime-sized circle in the center where the flaps meet and allow to dry.

Pipe a tiny heart in the center starting with two small dots.

Use a toothpick to drag the centers of the dots together to create the bottom point of your heart.

Pipe a circle around the heart using flood-consistency icing (aim for a more centered circle than I managed to do here).  DO NOT allow to dry.

While still wet, work the circle of icing outward in a random, uneven shape to cover the first layer of the yellow icing's edges completely.

Add a few well placed drips and voila!  Wax seal. Easy, peasy, mac-and-cheesy.


  1. PURE GENIUS! I love love love this cookie and technique! Thank you for sharing

  2. Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  3. What a great idea, thanks for the detail on how to achieve it!


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