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Monday, August 27, 2012

Play With Your Food Collaborative Project

I am beyond excited to share this whimsically playful cookie collaboration. A group of my dear cookie friends came together to go against mama's admonitions not to play with our food and decided to have a little fun.  The only guidelines were that the subject be something to play with, either toys or games.  As the reveal date drew near, we began to share our projects and the excitement started to grow.  Talk about bringing your A game - These ladies came to play!

So many delightful details: lots of classic games, nostalgic favorites and even a couple of new ones.   Many of them are actually interactive, which adds an extra dimension of fun to this project. Take a look at the fantastic cookies in this Play With Your Food collaboration and be sure to follow these talented artists' Facebook pages to see the rest of their outstanding work.  Enjoy!

Paper Dolls - Arty McGoo

Word Search and Cross Word - Palestine Painted Cookie
Cards and Poker Chips - Mt. Lookout Sweets

Scrabble - Flour Box Bakery
Candy Land - Life's A Batch
Pin The Tail On The Donkey - Sweet Tweets

Twister - Jill FCS
Dominoes - Sweet Dough
Wooly Willy - Oh, Sugar! Events

Words With Friends - The Cookie Countess
Miss Pac-Man - Flour-de-Lis
Hungry Hungry Hippos - Cupookie
Marble Maze - Oh, Sugar! Events

Fisher-Price Classics - SugarBelle
Horseshoes, Jacks, Marbles, Pick Up Sticks - Sweet Hope Cookies

Aren't they all just incredible?  Kudos to all who participated!

Here are some more detailed shots of our entries from this projects as well as past work in this theme.  Enjoy!
The many faces of Wooly Willy.

Four layers of royal icing create a wall to contain loose sanding sugar. Red licorice acts as the stylus to move the "iron filings." (Full disclosure - that licorice is only a prop.  I painstakingly moved the sanding sugar around using a small paintbrush.)

A blank canvas.
Marble maze cookies.
More royal icing walls built up to create these mazes.  Drop in a silver dragee and let the fun begin!
Mr. Potato Head with moveable pieces.
Operation game with moveable royal icing pieces.


  1. FIRST to comment! (do I get a prize?)

    I loved this project and I loved the details at the end.....love wooly willy!!!! (and naked operation guy aint so bad either!)

  2. This turned out so great!!! Thanks so much for putting it together! I too have a thing for naked operation guy. Don't tell my husband.

  3. You are so amazing!! Thank you so much for all of this! Awesome project!

  4. Jaw dropping collection!!! Those paper dolls make me want to weep! The Twister? The Fisher Price phone? Dominoes, Scrabble ... I mean, come on! They are all fantastic!!! :)

  5. You are beyond incredible! Love your contributions!

  6. Wow! What an amazing collection? So many fun memories from my childhood. You guys are so talented.

  7. lost for words - utterly amazing!!

  8. Oh my gosh, I did the marble maze months ago, except I added a thin layer of gelatin to the top!

  9. This was an awesome idea! Thanks for being our lead gamer! I LOVE all of them!

  10. How fun are these - talk about a blast from the past! So cuuuuute!

  11. WHOOO! You know how to throw a party! First of all: your cookies are so awesome! The Wooly Willy is pure perfection and your creativity knows no bounds. The maze is interactive for goodness sake and this may sound silly, but it is gorgeous! Your operation and potato head are simply ridic! Second order of business is to say: Thank you! Thank you for always inspiring and being you. You are beyond awesome and I love you!

  12. Thanks so much for letting me participate and for putting this all together! You're such an inspiration and your creativity knows no bounds! I'm honored to be among such artists! You all rocked it!! Love them all!

  13. Wow! Each cookie is more clever than the next! I just love how this whole collection takes me back to my childhood. What a talented group of cookiers!

  14. There is so much cuteness on this page, I can barely contain myself! Thanks for putting together such a fun event!

  15. So cool! Congrats to all great COOKIE decorators!

  16. Oh wow Angela! I didn't realize that you had so many different games that you contributed to this amazing project! The wooly willy is absolutely incredible and so creative! Wow! and of course the others were all such fun too! You are an incredible artist Angela! Fantastic job! Cristin

  17. These are amazing...what a fun group of cookies!

  18. I love these sets. A blast from the past! All are fantastic!


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