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Friday, August 24, 2012

Things Are Not as They Appear

Some lessons you have to learn the hard way.  At least I do, it seems.  My last post featured these cream and pale sea foam hot air balloons with a shot of deep burgundy.  Nice enough.  So what's the problem? Wellllll... They were supposed to complement the invitation below:

Insert needle scratch.  What the what the? Why are the colors and details so... off? Turns out the reason for the disconnect is because I was using the file sent by my client instead of a hard copy. So what was reading as burgundy on my computer monitor was actually a soft pink. That dark band at the top of the basket was in reality sweet rose detailing. My angular cross-hatch netting should have been round and lacy.  

Unfortunately for me, I didn't know all of this when I sent off a proof to my client, who had to break it to me that these were, basically, ALL WRONG. I felt terrible!  But luckily my first draft hadn't taken too long to complete and my client still had faith in me.  I asked her to send me the actual invitation and got back to the drawing board to attempt to get it right.  Here are the new balloons based on the actual invite. 
A wee bit closer, no? Let's compare:
 The moral of the story is:  Get the hard copy!


  1. Wow. How many did you make in batch #1??? And what did you do with those beauties? I LOVE them both....but I fell hard for #1. Like I might have driven from Mississippi to California to steal them from you!!!

  2. Oh no!! Well.. you are a rock star so I would have had faith too! Both sets are beautiful!

  3. Great advice! I've had trouble with monitor/color issues before too. I always ask for a ribbon or color sample now because your hot pink and my hot pink can be two totally different pinks!

  4. oh my gosh -- I would have cried, LOL. Just curious, how far in advance do you make your cookies? Or was the first batch just a "test" mockup? I hardly ever do those, so I would have been screwed in this situation with no time to make a second batch. Anyways, either way, both of the cookie designs are stunning! :)

  5. Been there, done that! But either way, both versions of your balloons are beautiful!!!

  6. Have been seeing these shared on FB. They are gorgeous! Such wonderful detail...color error or not. :-)

  7. I'll take batch #1 off your hands if you haven't figured out wat to do with them:) You're amazing!

  8. Those cookies are cute and both batch are beautiful :)


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