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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Dangers of Procrasti-baking

Oy!  What was I thinking?  Three dozen cookies due by 10am and I decide to start hand painting them at 7pm the night before...  What an idiot!  And so the term Procrasti-baking was born. PROCRASTIBAKING [proh-kras-tuh-beyk-ing] Verb. The act of putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention: She considered herself a smart cookie, but her constant procrastibaking often led her to stay up all night finishing projects.

These Diary of A Worm cookies were for a regular client who was hosting a book club meeting, and this was their featured title. I'm not a seasoned cookie painter, but I used to be handy with a paintbrush back in college.  I found  painting with food coloring surprisingly similar to working with water color.  I can see the appeal. It's quick drying, you can blend colors and it goes fast.

36 of these creepy crawlies! I was happy with how they turned out, but happier that they were finished in time. Never again!  Until the next time.
Blending detail


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