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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Taco Tutorial

These south of the border inspired treats were so easy peasy I thought I'd throw together a little taco tutorial for you.  I started with a circle cookie cutter to cut out half the number of tacos I would need and then took a sharp paring knife (Exactos are great for this, too) to cut them half giving me a perfect taco shell semi circle.
Using golden tan colored royal icing, outline your semi circle starting in about a quarter of an inch from the cookie's round edge to leave room for all those yummy taco fillings.
 Fill in taco shell.
Working from the background to the foreground with your taco fillings, add random jagged lettuce in soft green royal icing.
On top of the lettuce and closer to the taco shell pipe the ground beef in dark brown royal icing.
Fill in any gaps with diced tomato squares in red.  Try to pepper them in randomly to give them that natural taco look ;)
The last ingredient is shredded cheddar cheese in light yellow orange icing piped in thick half inch lines going this way and that.  You really can't screw these up.
The final touch is to clean up the taco shell by outlining the top arch with the same golden yellow icing you began with.  Aaaand... ole!  Tacos por todos!

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  1. So stinkin' adorable!! What a great idea for Taco Tuesday!


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