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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Edible Spyglass Tutorial

Arr Matey! I think we actually came up with an original idea this time. (Very difficult these days!  Sometimes you THINK you thought of something and *bam* THERE it is all over Pinterest.) These Spyglass Surprises are super fun and simple to assemble, and have a bonus treat inside for the kiddos.  Here's the how-to.  Enjoy!

Your shopping list: Store bought short bread rounds (to ensure uniform size) pre-iced, cake-style ice cream cones, surprise goody of your choice (I used lemon drops I had on hand, but M&M's, Skittles or any other small candy would work as well), Rolos chocolate caramel candy, and royal icing.

Decorate your short bread with whatever scene you'd like to see through your spyglass - I chose a desert island scene with an "X" marks the spot.  Then use a thin layer of bronze colored royal icing along the outside ridge of the cookie and add a small dotted border around your scene image. 

Fill ice cream cone with surprise goodies.  (You could also fill the ice cream cones with cake batter, bake and cut off any excess "muffin top" so you have a level top.)

Run a bead of semi-stiff royal icing in the same bronze color as used on the edge of your short bread cookie.

Attach cookie to ice cream cone, pressing gently but firmly.  Run your finger around the edge to wipe away any excess icing and to form a clean seal. 

 Camouflage seal with second border of dots.

Squirt royal icing glue on bottom of cone.

 Press a Rolo onto the bottom of your cone.

 Gently turn upside down and allow to dry.

Voila! Neat treats for your favorite scurvy sea dogs.


  1. Your creativity is some of the best. I love seeing all the great ideas you come up with.

  2. How adorable is that??? I wish I had a kid so I could throw a pirate party!

  3. know what you are talking about, when you think you have invented a new idea a recepie methode or something else and you have not "darn" :) I love the spy glasses, great Idea.

  4. these are great! My son loves pirates and this would be great for a pirate party!

  5. How did you create the scene on the shortbread cookie?


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